Everett Carlton a.k.a. Woebegone  · 28 · House 3 · FC: Tom Hiddleston · Open

“Woebegone, you’re sad, you look like the life has been drained from you. It’s heartbreaking. You think you deserve it, don’t you? I’m not going to burst your bubble, you really do deserve all this misery. Probably even more too. Redeeming yourself will take a long time”

— Delilah McGregor


Everett is a sly bastard, much like his two sisters, though they are far more milder than he is. He’s impulsive and cunning, more like the devil than anyone you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. The only people to melt his heart are his little sisters. If family ever taught him anything it’s that you look out only for your own. People will only screw you over. Everett was foolish enough to follow that advice, so he remained in his bubble, caught up in family affairs. Life in the Carlton household was an endless war for superiority. Mostly between his mother and father, two megalomaniacs. Everett was the voice of wisdom in most situations. He couldn’t stay in that hell hole for long, he was fed up with everything. Everett drew the line when his parents were sentenced to life in prison. He, Avery and Eliza packed their bags and left the others behind. Everett felt as though the wight of the world was on his shoulders. And it all came crashing down after that. Literally.


Just when Everett thought his life was over he woke up in a dream. Planet X turned into his sanctuary. He was finally away from the constant noise of all the screams of death and dissatisfaction he was well accustomed to. His bitterness began to fade away, though he would always remain the same disagreeable person he had been before. He doesn’t take part in helping the other residents too much. Only when there’s something in it for him in return. Otherwise there’s no point in even bothering to do anything. Everett spends most of his time alone with his thoughts. He is oftentimes in the grip of sorrow and remorse. Everett has the remainder of his life to feel sorry for the choices from the past. He’s done wrong by his sisters and his choices have changed their lives for the worse. The bitterness evolved into sorrow. Redemption takes a long time.


Everett doesn’t pay much mind to the mystery crates, nor does he care about the search for aliens. It’s nonsense. Can’t people just appreciate the gifts they’re receiving? He thinks the nosy ones such as his sister Eliza and Jacob Miller are way in over their heads with this obsession of theirs. Beatrice Kaplan’s religious nonsense is even more bullshit than aliens. Though he is definitely not shunning the people, who believe in these possibilities, he just refuses to understand and support them. They’ll eventually go insane, Everett would rather keep his sanity. He just doesn’t get what all the hype is about. It had been the same on Earth with all the questions and no answers about intelligent alien lifeforms, only people there had more imagination and less facts to back up their theories. He’s seen things way out of the ordinary, though he likes to tell himself it’s just his imagination. Maybe it isn’t.

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