Sebastian Norwell  a.k.a. Silver Tongue · 27 · House 3 · FC: Ben Barnes · Taken

“You always say things that surprise and enchant my mind when I need a bit of fascination. Silver tongued is what you are.”

—Lilian Miller


Sebastian grew up in the perfect household, with two affectionate parents. He has never been deprived of anything, so you would think he’s spoiled. And you would be terribly wrong to think so. He has always been the kind to stay strong in difficult times, never taking anything for granted. But from his journey into the real world on his own Sebastian’s life on Earth turned into a series of hardships and nothing more. Though for the age of 22 he had achieved remarkable things, he never truly felt satisfied with his accomplishments. Then he met the supposed love of his life, only to be hurt by her cruel  and poor judgment. He’d lost the happiness of fatherhood because of the fear of the mother of his child. Sebastian could never understand how such a decision could be made, killing a life without even considering the damage it would bring upon him. Forgetting was something he could not doAnd it pained him to think of loss and love. The ever so strong boy had turned into a broken man.


Now years after all the hardships Sebastian has let go of the pent up rage and sorrow. He rarely, if ever, dwells on the past. It’s lost now anyways. Sebastian is still wary of people, though a lot more confident and trusting when he finds someone who deserves it. One of his trustworthy companions is Lilian Miller, for whom he harbors romantic feelings as well. He chooses not to act upon these feelings, fear still lingering in his heart and mind. His main focus is work. On Planet X Sebastian helps out the younger residents as much as he can with their studies. He’s a talented man and as such he is using his gifts to the benefit of others. Fascinated by his new living arrangements, he is also writing a novel, finally feeling inspired enough to actually finish one. Sebastian has a way with words that everyone he happens to encounter believes to be fascinating. He’s a lost soul, searching for his way.


Sebastian has received an impressive number of mystery crates during these past five years. Most of his “gifts” were pens and paper, books. Just your basic supplies. He used these gifts to help the children on the planet on their way to becoming exceptional young people by teaching them all he knew about life and literature. His future seems like a bright one, though lately he has become suspicious of the motives of the creatures behind the monthly presents. There is definitely something or someone keeping an eye on him, an unnerving presence, lingering in the shadows. As many of the residents, he is desperate to figure out this mystery. Sebastian has never been a close-minded person, he doesn’t plan on turning into one either. Though he may soon find he is too curious for his own good.

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