Jacob Miller  a.k.a. Arcturus · 32 · House 4 · FC: Dominic Cooper  · Open

“Despite all my fuck ups, you’ve always had my back. Your middle name fits you, Jake, mom and dad made a good choice. You’re our guardian, ever since they passed, now and always. We’re grateful. Me, Lil and Jerry would be lost without you.”

— Thomas Miller


Jacob is ambitious, smart and a perfectionist. He beats himself up over stupid mistakes, meaningless things only he would notice. His family history explains his personality. He grew up amongst dreamers, his father was an astronomer until cancer ended his life and his mother a botanist until she died, consumed by grief. He used to blame himself for not being able to help them, keep them alive. He let his mother slip and it was too late to catch her. Jacob used to be a dreamer, but as the cliche goes people change. At the age of 20 he was left to take care of his three siblings. He graduated, got a job at an architecture firm, as he planed to do. He tried his best to raise his brothers and sisters. Being brave for them, guiding them, forgetting about his own life, his own wants and needs. Each day in Jacob’s life was a repeat of the last. Work, work, work and more work. He deserved a pat on the back for all his effort. But all he’d do to reward himself was the occasional visit to the bar. Jacob’s life on Earth was nothing but a series of unfortunate events, endured by a brave man.


Jacob’s life completely turned around on Planet X. He met Imogen, who changed his perspective and made him fall in love with her in the process. They got married and took in Sarah and Emily as their daughters, becoming the perfect post-apocalyptic family. Jacob’s search for recognition didn’t come in second either. He designed and helped build the houses that are now occupied by every resident of the planet. Five years on a foreign planet worked wonders for Jacob. The feeling of being needed, appreciated was all he had ever needed. He even learned how to appreciate himself as well and be happy with his life. No longer bound to the office desk or the scotch bottle, Jacob found comfort in his new and old family. The fog he was constantly in had cleared.


The mystery crates, as Jacob calls them, have proven to be quite useful. Whoever is sending them has been kind to him. He has received all the supplies needed for sketching and building the seven houses. However, he is suspicious. His father used to have theories about aliens, Jacob remembers them all and now they’re beginning to make sense to him. He’s as skeptical as can be about his current home. Everything is too orderly and well adapted for all basic human needs. It’s strange and Jacob has never been jaded, he lives his life with eyes wide open and he’s not going to ignore the unpleasant feeling he gets when a new crate arrives. He’s aware that by being too invested in this investigation for alien lifeforms he’s walking on thin ice. That’s never stopped him before. He’s joined forces with Eliza Carlton, both desperate to know the truth.

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